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What's the average citizen's regular diet?

In the past decade, what percentage of the population has died or fled due to:


Country Statistics, Summary

Land area is in square miles. See tabs on Countries, Climates, and Cities for real-world comparison.

statistic value formula
total area {{land | number}} (provided)
farmland {{farmland | number}} cultivated + arable
density per mile {{density | number}} population ÷ total land
population {{actualPop | number}}
{{urbanPop | number}}
{{ruralPop | number}}
{{itenPop | number}}
population - (climate + strife)
# residing in cities and towns
# residing in settlements < 20 people
# itinerant, isolated, or outcast
greater urban {{capital | number:0}}
{{u.size | number:0}}
trade center(s)
lesser urban {{bigCityLarge | number:0}}
{{bigCityMed | number:0}}
{{bigCitySmall | number:0}}
{{cityLarge | number:0}}
{{cityMed | number:0}}
{{citySmall | number:0}}
{{towns | number:0}}
{{villages | number:0}}
big city, 80K-100K
big city, 60K-80K
big city, 40K - 60K
city, 20K-40K
city, 10K-20K
city, 5K - 10K
towns: 1K-5K
villages: under 1K
universities {{school | number:0}} {{u.descrip}}
literacy rate {{literacyRate | number:0}}% overall
border/isolated forts {{castleActiveWild | number:0}}
{{castleRuinWild | number:0}}
# currently in use
# abandoned/destroyed
{{castleA}} -- {{castleB}}
central/urban forts {{castleActiveUrban | number:0}}
{{castleRuinUrban | number:0}}
# currently in use
# abandoned/destroyed

How to Use & Other Info

Use the flask icon to randomize an entry. See the next two tabs for real-world comparisons, modern and historical. If you need names for the country, its cities, and locations, try the Conlang Word Generator.

Today, the average crop yield is around 30:1; pre-modern crop yields were closer to 2:1. The generator calculates based on modern acreage-to-feed rates and adjusts downwards. Tweaking the country's climate will also affect the crop yield. Unless, of course, merchants/imports provide most or all food, in which case population can be nearly independent of local resources.

This generator only estimates for farming cultures. For nomads, you'll need a lot of land per person. If there's not as much land, what there is must be resource-rich (eg early Japan). If you want to estimate a nomadic country, try Mongolia. It has a modern density of 5; estimates put its density at .2 in Chinggis Khan's era: that's 1 person for every 5 square miles. Of course, 120K people is still a lot if you can get them all in one place.

Comparison of Country Land Size and Use

Populations are cited estimates to best guesses. Some areas don't reflect modern amounts, as the empire no longer exists, or the country has expanded (ie Hong Kong's land reclamation).

country area, sq miles % arable population c 1500 density
{{}} {{item.area | number}} {{item.crops}}% {{item.estpop | number}} {{item.density}}

Climate Biome Examples

climate examples
{{item.descrip}} {{item.example}}

City Populations 1500 CE

A small selection of some of the world's metropolises, around 1500.

city modern country population c 1500
{{}} {{}} {{item.estpop | number}}


Inspired by S. John Ross' Medieval Demographics Made Easy.

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